[August 05, 2018] Pick of the Week by GM Boris Avrukh:
March 2014 Revisited: Slav Defense, Alapin Variation: Soultanbeieff with 6. e4

After the original key game B. Adhiban – F. El Debs, Caleta 2014 (voted “The Best Novelty Game” of the Gibraltar Open 2014 by the ACP) many theoretically important games followed. Among the most recent additions we recommend M. Matlakov – A. Motylev, Poikovsky 2016, D. Yuffa – S. Rublevsky, Moscow 2017 and Wang Hao – L. Fressinet, Sharjah 2017 as the most interesting encounters in terms of their relevance for modern opening theory.

[Diagram: White to Move] The diagrammed position comes from our analysis of A. Leniart – C. Balogh, Achaea 2016. Black is quite passive, but seems to have everything covered. Well, does he?

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