[October 07, 2018] Updated Opening Article by GM Borki Predojević:
September 2018 Revisited: Italian Game, Giuoco Pianissimo with 8. a4!?

After the last week’s update of this highly fashionable opening article of great theoretical relevance (with games played by a number of perennial Top 10 mainstays, such as Caruana, Aronian, MVL and Nakamura), the Olympiad has brought more important games by the likes of Bacrot, Vidit, Erdos and Piorun. While these games don’t bring too much drama and/or tactical fireworks, they more than make up for it with extremely accurate play that follows deep engine analyses, which made us promote these games and the ensuing variations to the main line of this article.

[Diagram: Black to Move] Black’s bishop pair is obviosly very potent, providing ample compensation for the sacrificed pawn, but is there more for him than fighting for the dynamic balance?

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