[January 13, 2019] Trusted: Opening Survey by GM Aleksandar Kovačević
Sicilian Najdorf, English Attack (15… Bf5)

More than a week ago another email came from our dear user Mick “from Crete”, as he likes to put it. His emails are full of goodies, as Correspondence players have a very refined taste when it comes to
opening repertoire choices, and Mick is certainly no exception to that rule.

His latest area of interest has been one of the most critical lines in what we consider the most topical line in modern opening theory – the English Attack with opposite castling. He noticed that a very good move was missing in our CHOPIN Line 500, so we are going to correct that omission, and investigate
that option in this article.

[Diagram: White to Move] This position stems from H. Chomicki – S. Lucki, corr. 2013. Black will soon create an unpleasant pressure against the backward f3-pawn, which proved too much for White even in a correspondence game. This was probably the last chance for White to play accurately and keep the position roughly equal. Can you see the hidden idea?

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