[August 13, 2017] Trusted: Opening Survey by GM Slaviša Brenjo
Symmetrical English with 7. h4 (9. Ng5!?)

This year’s Sinquefield Cup will be followed by the Saint Louis Rapid & Blitz, which promises to be a spectacular event. However, the Cup itself remains a golden standard of excellence, and the competition is so tough that the 2016 winner Wesley So is struggling to avoid finishing dead last!

Before the last round Anand and Aronian share the first place (with MVL), so their game seems like a reasonable choice for this article, especially given the fact that Aronian scored an important win in the same variation in the first round against Nepomniachtchi. Anand chose another subvariation is his game against the Armenian super-GM…

[Diagram: White to Move] Black minor pieces look menacing in this key opening position from L-D. Nisipeanu – G. Gopal, Bad Wiessee 2016. However, it’s White’s turn to move and that makes all the difference – he can even seize some tangible initiative by playing a novelty suggested by our editor. What would you play as White in the diagrammed position?

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