[January 14, 2018] Updated Opening Article by GM Dragan Paunović:
September 2016 Revisited: English Opening, Bremen System with 7. Nf3

This update is a small tribute to our late colleague GM Dragan Paunović. In memory of our dear friend, our Editorial Board will continue updating his lines and articles.

After Giri successfully employed this line in A. Giri – V. Anand, Bilbao 2015, it was only a matter of time before this line returned to the spotlight. After a number of top level games, the most recent theoretically important additions were Matlakov’s (currently playing in Wijk aan Zee Tata Steel 2018, in his maiden appearance in Group A) two blitz wins against strong opposition.

[Diagram: White to Move] White has to find a way to keep his initiative alive before Black completes his development. How should he proceed?

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