[May 15, 2017] Dusted Off: Opening Survey by GM Dragan Paunović:
January 2015 Revisited: Symmetrical English, Three Knights Variation (8. e4!)

This update is a small tribute to our late colleague GM Dragan Paunović. In memory of our dear friend, our Editorial Board will keep updating his lines and articles.

Aronian is still the main proponent of this variation among the players of White and his ability to squeeze water from a stone is absolutely incredible: after a rather uneventful draw in Ashdod against Vachier-Lagrave Levon managed to find new resources and score an important win at the Grenke Chess Classic 2017. While his grinding prowess remains impressive, from a purely theoretical point of view this line hardly offers much to the players of White, as most recent top level games seem to suggest.

[Diagram: White to Move] White king feels uncomfortable, so there’s no time to waste. What is the best course of action for him?

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