[October 15, 2017] Updated Opening Article by GM Slaviša Brenjo:
June 2017 Revisited: Ruy Lopez, Closed Defense with 6. d3 (10. Ng5!?)

This is still a reasonably fashionable line, with several theoretically relevant top-level games and contributions from Karjakin, Wojtaszek, Bacrot, Ragger, Kosteniuk and Paehtz. Positions that appear in this variation vary from deeply strategical to extremely tactical, so there’s definitely something for everyone’s taste. Especially interesting and theoretically important is our latest entry S. Karjakin – M Ragger, Antalya 2017, which requires extreme accuracy and attention to detail by the players of Black who want to try this line.

[Diagram: Black to Move] The diagrammed position is from our analysis of V. Onischuk – D. Howell, Doha (rapid) 2016. David Howell was obviously reluctant to exchange his bishop for the knight on f5, but there was a hidden idea that would have justified that positional concession. Can you spot it? NB: This is a very difficult positional exercise.

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