[April 16, 2017] Pick of the Week by GM Boris Avrukh:
March 2015 Revisited: Open Slav Defense, Krause Attack (9. h4!)

After the original key game A. Korobov – D. Šolak, Jerusalem 2015, a flurry of theoretically important games followed, so this update is highly relevant for modern chess opening theory. While everything is quite interesting, make sure not to miss the following games: L. Aronian – V. Anand, Leuven (blitz) 2016, Ding Liren – Bu Xiangzhi, Shenzhen 2015 and Li Shilong – Yu Ruiyuan, China 2015.

[Diagram: Black to Move] M. Parligras – D. Šolak, Kragujevac 2016. This is probably an exercise for advanced players: White has no visible weaknesses, and is a healthy pawn up. However, Black can still seize the initiative, but it’s far from obvious. Can you find an improvement for Black in the diagrammed position on Šolak’s otherwise really impressive play?

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