[December 17, 2017] Pick of the Week by GM Boris Avrukh:
July 2017 Revisited: Closed Catalan Defense with 7. Ne5, 9. Na3 & 11. Qd2 

After the original key game W. So – H. Nakamura, Saint Louis 2016 many theoretically relevant games followed, including Brainfish 091016 – Raubfisch ME 262, Internet (blitz) 2016, which so far more or less represents the best mutual play in this line. Among the most recent additions we recommend G. Sargissian – J. Hawkins, London 2017 as the most interesting encounter in terms of its importance for modern opening theory.

[Diagram: Black to Move] This is another exercise for advanced players, which is quite understandable given the complex nature of this variation: Black pawn on c3 seems doomed, so he needs to act immediately to survive. What should he do?

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