[February 21, 2018] Dusted Off: Opening Survey by GM Aleksandar Kovačević
Nimzo-Indian Defense, Kmoch Variation (4… Nc6)

Kmoch Variation of the Nimzo-Indian can be an extremely potent weapon in capable hands (e. g. Mamedyarov can be pretty convincing employing this variation as White, which is hardly surprising), which made our editor GM Kovačević re-evaluate his repertoire choices against this line.

GM Zvjaginsev’s Line 174 from our CHOPIN Encyclopedia was GM Kovačević’s reference point, and that’s where 4… Nc6 emerged as an option worth exploring. While Vadim’s original analysis remains correct, his work has been thoroughly updated, and much more. The final result is presented in this
article, and we believe that these analyses can be used as a reasonably decent foundation for Black’s repertoire against this tricky line.

[Diagram: Black to Move] Black queen is trapped. Enter survival mode – can you do something against the seemingly inevitable Rh3?

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