[March 19, 2017] Pick of the Week by GM Boris Avrukh:
August & December 2016 Revisited: Closed Catalan Defense with 7. Ne5, 9. Na3 & 11. Qd2 

After the original key game W. So – H. Nakamura, Saint Louis 2016 many good players had followed suit, so we have decided to update the article with recent developments in this line. Some computer engine games are also not to be missed, and currently the most important one for the modern opening theory is Brainfish 091016 – Raubfisch ME 262, Internet (blitz) 2016.

[Diagram: Black to Move] White’s key threat in the diagrammed position from Y. Kuzmin – H. Langrock, Marianske Lazne 2017 is quite obvious: Ba3, followed by Bc5 if Black moves one of his two major pieces from the a3-f8 diagonal. Is there any way to properly defend against that maneuver?

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