[November 19, 2017] Dusted Off: Updated Article by GM Aleksandar Kovačević:
July 2015 Revisited: Sicilian Dragon, Yugoslav Attack (10. Qe1 e6 11. Kb1)

There have been some new interesting developments in this variation, mostly coming from computer engine games. In addition to Wei Yi’s 12. Bg5, move 12. Nb3 now also seems like a promising choice for the players of White.

D. Howell – G. Jones, London 2016 is probably the most theoretically relevant over-the-board game among the new additions, while our improvement on Zurichess Grabuenden – Pawny 1.2, Internet 2016 seems to offer opening advantage to the players of White in one of the key lines in this variation.


[Diagram: Black to Move] While the pin looks unpleasant, Black has more than enough resources to completely turn the tables and seize the initiative. Any ideas?

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