[Apr 24, 2016] Updated Opening Article by GM Dragan Paunović:
June 2015 Revisited: Nimzo-Indian Defense, Kmoch Variation with 4… c5

The Altibox Norway Chess super tournament is under way in Stavanger, and the top-tier field practically guarantees that each game is theoretically important. P. Eljanov – P. Harikrishna, Stavanger 2016 doesn’t seem to promise equality to players of Black, so our earlier suggestion, based on the last year’s game A. Grischuk – V. Topalov, Stavanger 2015 from the same event, still remains Black’s best option in this line.

[Diagram: Black to Move] White is getting ready to treat his opponent to a slow grind, and Black is seemingly left without sensible moves. However, there is a brilliant strategic idea that should neutralize White’s positional pressure and give Black quite decent counterplay. So, are you ready to put your positional skills to the test?

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