[September 24, 2017] Busted: Opening Survey by GM Aleksandar Kovačević
Sicilian Najdorf, English Attack with 17. Kb1!

Our Editorial Board has recently received an e-mail from one of our dear users (we shall come up with more details as soon as we get his consent) claiming that there is a serious problem in the main line of our Line 500. Unfortunately, he has discovered it the hard way when his opponent launched an
unpleasant, yet perfectly logical, novelty.

Nothing seemed to indicate such an unfortunate outcome, given that everything seemed perfectly fine on the human front: the players of Black won two games and drew one in the previous over-the-board encounters. However, subsequent engine games turned out to be heavily in White’s favor, which opened my eyes to the writing on the wall, albeit a bit too late, I’m afraid. This article only seems to
confirm that Black is in dire straits after 17. Kb1, so it’s unfortunately nothing more than a post festum confirmation of the unsound nature of Black’s choice of 15… Bxb3 on the 15th move.

[Diagram: White to Move] White is exerting a very strong pressure, but Black is still somehow managing to hang by a thread… Can you find a way to break through his last line of defense?

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