[August 27, 2017] Updated Opening Article by Boris Avrukh:
January & October 2016 Revisited: Grünfeld Defense, Improved Nadanian Attack

Our original key game in this line was A. Tari – M. Vachier-Lagrave, Gibraltar 2016, where Black managed to equalize comfortably with 9… Qe7, though 9… exd4 seemed to offer Black equally good prospects. The most recent top-level game Li Chao – I. Nepomniachtchi, Moscow 2016 only confirmed our assessment, as the Russian on the rise never really had any problems at all.

[Diagram: Black to Move] The diagrammed position features our improvement on A. Tari – B. Vučković, Novi Sad 2016. Black has managed to win a pawn, but still has to solve numerous problems coming from the insecure placement of his king and the horribly undeveloped tied-up pieces. What is the best way to fight for equality as Black?

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