[May 29, 2016] Updated Opening Article by GM Boris Avrukh:
August 2015 Revisited: English Opening, Four Knights Variation with 4… Bb4 (12… d6)

In the original article our game of the week was D. Khismatullin – E. Tomashevsky, Chita 2015, featuring an important theoretical novelty. We have now updated the survey with several theoretically important correspondence and engine games, and there is also a highly relevant top-level game from the Chess World Cup 2015 with important improvements for both sides: J. Granda Zúñiga – A. Fier, Baku (m/2) 2015.

[Diagram: White to Move] Black wants to get rid of his opponent’s knight on f5, but perhaps White wants to sacrifice it himself 😉

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