[October 29, 2017] Updated Opening Article by GM Boris Avrukh:
October 2013 Revisited: Rossolimo Sicilian, 3. Bb5 e6 4. O-O Nge7 5. d4!?

Two 4-yaer-old articles on the Rossolimo Sicilian have been updated. Meanwhile, a considerable number of interesting games have been played. The first of these two articles deals with various choices for Black after 5… cxd4 6. Nxd4, and among them 6… Qb6, 6… Nxd4 and 6… a6 are the most reasonable ones. The second article covers 6… Ng6, which is the most popular move in the position among the top grandmasters.

Our overall evaluation of this line starting with 5. d4 is that Black is able to obtain roughly equal chances, though it is a bit easier to play it as White.

[Diagram: White to Move] E. Najer – A. Moiseenko, Olginka 2011. White has a chance to gain a decisive edge with an active play. How would you proceed?

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