Case #1 – Direct Preparation

Case number one: My opponent plays an annoying chess opening line that I’m horrible at – she’s SO going to play it against me. But I have a cunning plan: I won’t be avoiding that line – I’ll make her think she’s got me, catch her off-guard, and let CHOPIN take care of the rest.

OK – first, I’ll browse through the Summary for some tips – I want to find the best moment to deviate from her favorite line. I usually play 8. Be2, but now I’ll follow recommendations for club level players: <click> 8. Bd3… Let’s say she plays <click> 8… Ng4 <multiple clicks follow> 9. Nh3 Bc5 10. Nc3 O-O 11. O-O f5 12. Be2 Rb8 13. Kh1 Qe7 14. f3 Nf6 15. b3 Bb6 16. Qe1 Qd6 17. Bb2 Bc7 18. Na4 and now I have an extra pawn and Black has insufficient compensation for it.

By choosing an entirely different move, I’m surely going to surprise her. I might even be acting surprised, myself – mind games are fun, don’t you think?

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