CO24-7_logo_black_background[September 03-26, 2017] FIDE World Cup 2017 Special Offer

Dear users and chess friends,

Late summer holiday season is about to begin for the members of Chess Openings 24/7 Editorial Board: our team will be enjoying a well-deserved break between September 3, 2017 and September 12, 2017, though most of us will actually be playing for our clubs participating in national league competitions. We will not publish new content during that period, and we shall return with a new uploaded opening line on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. Until then – enjoy our special offer on our annual package: get 14+1 months* for 99 EUR/109 USD. This offer is valid from September 3 until September 26, 2017, i. e. during the FIDE World Cup 2017 in Tbilisi.

* Purchasing our subscription during the Special Offer period will activate a 14-month subscription. To extend your subscription to 15 months, just enter our FIDE World Cup 2017 Coupon Code after the purchase and log-in. As a logged user all you have to do is enter the code given below & confirm the captcha sequence at then click on the button “Claim the Coupon” just below the Captcha field. You can claim the coupon only once during September 2017 anytime after the purchase.

Your FIDE World Cup 2017 Coupon Code is: 1085-295df48ada1

Enjoy the spectacle!

Your CO 24/7 Team

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