Review by GM Loek van Wely

GM Loek van Wely’s sharp wit was not only on display at the 76th Edition of the Tata Steel Chess Super Tournament, but he also foresaw with uncanny precision some of the Chess Openings 24/7 team’s next moves. Find out more in his review of our web site.


Chess Openings 24/7: A Loek Ahead

When my opening adviser suggests the next strange-sounding variation I have never heard of, I first go to to see if it falls in the category “Trusted”, “Dusted Off” or “Busted”. If I am lucky, it is not busted, and maybe I get to dust something off. The first article (“The Czech Pirc” by Vadim Zvjaginsev) appeared on April 6th, 2013, and since then new articles by trusted Grandmaster opening experts arrived practically on a daily basis. The new CHOPIN Online Game Viewer allows easy access to 24-7s content, so with just an internet connection and a browser you can quickly get the latest theoretical verdict on many diverse opening variations.

Although 24-7 uses a new Code System, it doesn’t take long to get acquainted with it and searching a particular line requires little effort. My only gripe is that the game database contains a limited number of games, and even though those games usually involve players rated over 2600, the statistics in the tree have no significance whatsoever due to the low number of games. That said, clearly, the value of 24-7 is not to be found in unannotated games, but in the expert articles that have a clear structure with an up-to-date explanation and evaluation. I believe it will be especially useful for club and tournament players who want a quick and solid overview on the latest developments in a particular opening that doesn’t overwhelm. It can also serve as the perfect starting point from which to research and build a new addition to one’s repertoire.

As the content will grow, the influence of 24-7 on modern theory and opening preparation will grow accordingly. Right now, they are in a league of their own when it comes to expert opening advice that is easily accessible 24/7, without the need to purchase software and the learning curve that comes with it.

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