Our Story

This is, more than anything, a story by chess-loving people.

It shouldn’t matter whether you come from a nation with rich chess tradition where knowledge and information is readily available; money for expensive coaching sessions mustn’t be a decisive factor; you shouldn’t waste endless hours gathering information just to end up analyzing each move with chess engines – you need a place where everyone should be starting equal. This is why we made this online service for you: a chess opening encyclopedia for all chess enthusiasts – professionals or amateurs.

We have come a long way from the moment when Ivan Marković came up with a brilliant, yet very ambitious idea. A close friend of ours summed it up perfectly when he deemed it complicated but possible. The turning point came with the addition of Bojan Vučković and his unique combination of chess and programming skills, and Jadran Josimović – an extraordinary software developer and architect, whose expertise and innovative ideas gave birth to our web application. Dragana Petrović, a multi-talented and experienced senior software developer was a valuable addition to our software development team. An outstanding contribution came at the beginning, when it really mattered, from Stevan Josimović, whose numerous ideas and on-site solutions led to building our small computing center. Our web site and the original set of chess pieces come with the unique artistic signature of our designer Dragan Cekić. Nebojša Baralić, an unbelievable jack of all trades, is one of the most trustworthy friends who has been with us since 2006 and our successful participation at a competition for technological innovation.

Naturally, our Editorial Board deserves a chapter of its own: they are diligently performing an exceptionally demanding analytical job which requires extraordinary chess competence and mental stamina.

I wouldn’t dare to compare us with some great people and companies, but I’m absolutely certain that our beginnings must be very much alike. The common denominator is vision and working prowess, tenacity and selflessness – one has to be ready to invest his expertise, time, emotions and all material resources at his disposal.

It takes courage to do it. I’m proud to be a part of the team that has it.

We believe dear users, that together we will enjoy each new line, article and feature in the future times.

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