Aleksandar Kovačević

kovacevicaleksandarCo-founder of Chess Openings 24/7, Aleksandar Kovačević is one of three Grandmasters who laid the analytical foundations supporting the CHOPIN subscription service, and among the first members of the Chess Openings 24/7 Editorial Board.

Born in Zürich in 1974, Aleksandar was one of the best young players of his generation: he was a U-15 vice-champion of Yugoslavia, and subsequently repeated the same feat three times in U-20 competition. In 1993, together with the national junior team, he took gold in the Varna Balkaniad.

Aleksandar became a GM in 2000, and tied for first place in the national individual championship in 2001, earning him an invitation to the national team. A perennial mainstay in the Serbian top 10, he has been a member of the national team in five Chess Olympiads and two Euroteams.

His choice of openings often stems from the repertoire of his former teacher, GM Dragoljub Velimirović, whose penchant for uncompromising play influenced his pupils; Aleksandar adopted and further developed many ideas within the Benoni and Sicilian Dragon openings, which likely helped him win more than a few tournaments, most notably in Bucharest (1997), Thessaloniki (2004), Nova Gorica (2004), Zadar (2006), Vršac (2010), and Pula (2010).

As a member of the Novi Sad Chess Club, Aleksandar has won three national league competitions and five Cup titles. He has played for numerous teams from nearby countries, including “Bemax“ (Podgorica, Montenegro), “Glasinac“ (Sokolac, Republika Srpska, Bosnia & Herzegovina), “Dr. Milan Vidmar“ (Ljubljana, Slovenia), “ASS Mako“ (Hungary), and “Slaven“ (Vukovar, Croatia).

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