Boris Avrukh

avrukhborisIsraeli chess Grandmaster and national team player Boris Avrukh is one of the world’s leading chess opening experts as well as Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Chess Openings 24/7. Boris insists foremost upon maintaining high standards within the editorial work, as he believes that time will favor the CHOPIN subscription service, and that, in the foreseeable future, the volume and depth of the analyses available within CHOPIN will rival his highly regarded works: Grandmaster Repertoire: Grünfeld, Vol. 1 & 2 (Volume 2 was the winner of the ChessPub Book of the Year Award), and Grandmaster Repertoire: 1. d4, Vol. 1 & 2 and 1. d4 Sidelines. It is then no wonder that, apart from coaching the Israeli national team in 2011, he has also worked with many top players – Teimour Radjabov (2000-2002), Vladimir Kramnik (2005-2008), Fabiano Caruana (2010-2011) – among others. Boris is so unanimously held in high regard that there is even an expression coined after him – to have been “Avrukhed“ means that one has been ambushed by one of his ingenious opening ideas.

Originally a native of Kazakhstan (born 1978 in Karaganda, in the former Soviet Union), he began participating in the chess community at the age of 7; improving rapidly, he won the U-12 World Youth Championship in 1990. Boris and his family moved in 1995 to Israel, where his string of outstanding results continued – he became GM at age 19, and many individual and team victories followed: he won individual gold on Board 6 at the Elista Olympiad (1998), and individual bronze on Board 3 in Turin (2006); he was also a member of the silver medal-winning team at the Dresden Olympiad (2008). In Euroteams, he won the team silver medal twice, as well as two individual silver medals for outstanding results on his board (2003, 2007). Twice the winner of the individual Israeli Championship, Boris was even more impressive as a team player, winning the Israeli Club Championships an astounding 13 times (10 times as a member of Beer-Sheva and another 3 times as a member of Ashdod)! Notable international successes include tournament wins in Biel (2000, 2001), at the Politiken Cup (2009), and in Zürich (2009). Boris considers himself a universal player, especially adept with highly complex positions. His childhood chess idol was Garry Kasparov, but he is also acutely respectful of other world champions. He grew up analyzing and admiring their games, and especially treasures a memory of Mikhail Tal, as Boris was the last to visit with him in the hospital, and share some friendly blitz games.

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