Dragan Cekić

cekicdraganDragan Cekić was born, lives, and works in Belgrade.

When PC technology became available, he began using his talent, devotion, and love toward painting and sculpting, as well as his programming skill, to work on graphics design and visual communication. The appearance, development, and powerful presence of the Internet impelled his path to a career in web design.

Since the 90’s, he has been a member of several creative software development teams, and taken part in numerable software projects. Some of the more prominent were:
Eight years of team software development, and authorship of the complete design, for the OPTIMUS project (Optimal Traffic Management for Serbian Railroads).
Prominent work on the design and visual identity definition for the first web site of the Yugoslav Football Association.
Complete re-design of the second and third editions of EDUSTAT (Electronic Version of the Statistical Practicum, including Exercise Corpus, for Students at the School of Economics, Desk of Statistics, of the University of Belgrade); Author: Miodrag Lovrić, Ph.D.
Complete programming, graphics, and audio solution for a multimedia CD publication, “Inns and Taverns of Old Belgrade”.
Author of a copyrighted business application and database for the TOURIST GUIDES ASSOCIATION OF SERBIA.
The aforementioned programming, activities, and deployed projects are complemented by his reflexive, inquiring, and engaging poetry, published in literary magazines.

In December of 2011, Dragan enthusiastically joined Chess Openings 24/7 as the team’s web designer. His unique perspective and contribution have given the Chess Openings 24/7 site its distinguished and pleasing appearance, to everyone’s delight.

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