Dragana Petrović

petrovicdraganaBorn in 1972, Dragana was awarded her Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Engineering by the University of Belgrade. She began her career at a U.S.-based company as a web developer, quickly becoming responsible for the training of junior team members. After proving herself a reliable and extraordinarily capable engineer, she successfully led her own team of 10 developers in many complex, valuable, projects.

Her next career challenge was in Perth (Western Australia), where she took part in developing a distributed public transport fare system. On this project, she swiftly became a prominent team member involved not only with issues of technology, but many business decisions as well. This effort was quite significant, and implemented in Stockholm, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Sydney. Her duties also included training and mentoring junior staff, technology consulting and research for senior management, troubleshooting live issues with existing deployments, and second-level technical support.

Throughout her career, Dragana was involved in development as well as research. Her roles shaped her into a seasoned professional with a meticulous attention to detail and the focus to succeed in anything she does.

In addition to being a devoted and loving mother to two young boys, she is also a florist and an ambitious photographer, and keeps a rich digital herbarium for her own enjoyment.

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