Jadran Josimović

josimovicjadranJadran was born in Belgrade in 1973. In early childhood, he spent countless hours in front of the family’s Commodore 64, programming in crude BASIC. Since then, he has played with more complex programming languages, and was awarded his Bachelor of Science degree by the University of Belgrade’s distinguished Faculty of Electrical Engineering, or ETF. Jadran possesses a rare combination of talents and copious experience which make him an extremely proficient and elegant software engineer. He is capable of sustaining his strongest focus for hours on end, and is immensely productive.

He has worked on numerous projects of import, including: a train traffic management system including a real-time OS and processes, video conferencing software, security systems and communications platforms, internet communication and collaboration, and advanced web-based systems in several international projects for Computer Associates, Inc. More recently, he worked on Web-Based Corporate Web Suites as project leader and chief developer, and on a full SIP-based telephony system as chief developer and architect. He is fluent in PHP, Java, C++, Delphi, JavaScript, MySQL, Ajax, and numerous other programing languages and techniques. Besides Microsoft Windows, his experience includes all flavors of Linux, QNX, Android, and even AmigaDOS.

Jadran enjoys his life in Amsterdam with his wife and two children. He is also passionate about his aquarium, music, gadgets, and motor vehicles.

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