Slaviša Brenjo

brenjoslavisaBorn in 1974, Slaviša Brenjo began taking chess more seriously at the age of 14, when he became a member of the Yugoslav first league mainstay, Chess Club “Sarajevo.” He quickly rose among the ranks, and by 1991 was already junior vice-champion of Yugoslavia. It took him another four years to achieve the title of International Master, but he had to mature still more as a player to finally conquer the prestigious Grandmaster title, at a less tender age.

As a former pupil of the incredibly charismatic GM Dragoljub Velimirović, Slaviša has developed a keen sense of initiative; due to his unrelenting commitment to the game, his style gradually evolved into a potent mix of ambitious openings and enterprising middlegame play.

Former Yugoslav countries were hardly the perfect environment for a budding chess talent; often, he had to settle for the region’s limited selection of tournaments. However, in recent years he has been a highly successful performer in Serbian club competition. His thorough opening preparation, diligent study, and willingness to selflessly defer to others earned him a position as the women’s national team coach in 2010.

Slaviša joined the Chess Openings 24/7 Editorial Board shortly after its formation, and immediately established himself as a reliable contributor and analyst, whose work ethic is second to none. His Marshall Attack analyses stem from his own opening repertoire, and are expected to draw many followers among CHOPIN subscribers.

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