Stevan Josimović

josimovicstevanStevan was born in Belgrade in 1971. Awarded his Bachelor of Science degree after defending a thesis on modern operating systems architecture and performance, he began his career as a software developer for a Dutch software company, for which he contributed in projects involving security, pattern recognition, and 3D computer graphics. In 2002, he moved to Australia, where he worked as a technical support engineer and consultant in the spatial information industry on the image processing of aerial and satellite photography. Subsequently, he continued his career in the spatial information industry as a GIS consultant for a Western Australian Government agency. In early 2011, he repatriated to Serbia and joined Ivan Marković (his old childhood friend and primary school chess team comrade) and the rest of the Chess Openings 24/7 team on our mutual project, wherein his strong analytical skills and rich experience matched our needs perfectly.

Stevan is also a longstanding author and contributing editor of PC Press magazine, with hundreds of published articles about software, hardware, internet security, and global IT trends. He is also a father of two, an amateur astronomer, zealous futurist, keen photographer, and passionate fractalist.

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