Vadim Zvjaginsev

zvjaginsevvadimA native Muscovite born in 1976, this exceptionally gifted chess player was a pupil of Mark Dvoretzky, a chess coach of international fame. Vadim was only 18 when he became a Grandmaster and team bronze medalist for Russia at the Chess Olympiad in Moscow (1994). More medals from Chess Olympiads followed with “Zbornaya”: a gold medal in Elista (1998), a silver in Càlvia (2004), and first place at the World Teams in Luzern (1997). His best results in the FIDE World Chess Championship cycle are two eighth-finals – the first in Groningen (1997), and the second in Las Vegas (1999). He won the European Club Cup three times with different clubs in 1997, 2000, and 2011.

His rating peaked at 2688 in January of 2012, and his most famous triumph came at the 4th Julian Borowski tournament (XVI category) in Essen, Germany, where he left behind many big names, including Lékó, Korchnoi, Jussupow, and Kasimdzhanov. Many of his games were awarded brilliancy prizes, most notably Cifuentes Parada – Zvjaginsev, Wijk aan Zee (1995, open), Malakhov – Zvjaginsev, Poikovsky (2004), Zvjaginsev – Zhang Pengxiang (Ergun 2006; the China–Russia match), and Topalov – Zvjaginsev (Tilburg 1998).

An alumnus of the School of Economics at Moscow State University, Vadim belongs to a rare breed of chess players who maintain exceptionally broad knowledge and interests. Chess Openings 24/7 is honored to thus include one of the Russia’s most original chess minds, whose influx of fresh ideas and deep, strategic, approach to openings are certainly going to appeal to CHOPIN subscribers.

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