2016-02-08 - Update Line 263[Feb 08, 2016] NEW UPDATED OPENING LINE
Updated Opening Line by GM Borki Predojevic:
QGD: Tartakower Variation with 8. Be2 [Line 263]

When it comes to their opponent’s weaknesses, computer engines have a particularly unforgiving nature…


[Feb 02016-02-07 - Article_Update7, 2016] NEW UPDATED ARTICLE
Updated Opening Article by GM Boris Avrukh:
August 2014 Revisited: Modern Benoni, Fianchetto Var. (15. e4!?)

Navara’s experiment against GM Rozum was good enough for a blitz game, but today’s preview brings an important novelty that casts doubt on the objective quality of his overambitious plan.

Review by GM Loek van Wely

GM Loek van Wely’s sharp wit was not only on display at the 76th Edition of the Tata Steel Chess Super Tournament, but he also foresaw with uncanny precision some of the Chess Openings 24/7 team’s next moves

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